Long Tail Keyword with Hittail

I have been talking about the idea of long tail keywords. However, you may be curious about how you can discover these long tail keywords.

In fact, there are various ways for you to discover these keywords. One of the way is to discover them from your own website.

You can do this with hittail. The idea behind is that the traffic from search engines to your website will be tracked. And you will know what people search to reach your website. This implies that the long tail keyword is already in your website and there are some real people who are trying to search for that.

As a result, you can try to optimize for that long tail so that you can capture more visitors to your website.

You can use the services of hittail for free. It can be adequate for most websites. However, if you want to have more detailed reports, you may probably need to go for the paid option.

You can learn more about hittail from the official website http://www.hittail.com/
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