Social Bookmarking with Onlywire

Social bookmarking is something very important when you are trying to build back links to your site. It is very true that you will need to spend a lot of time in order to do the submission.

In fact, you can use the service of onlywire so that you can save some time when you are doing the submission.

There are two options when you are using onlywire. You can either use paid option or free option. In fact, it will be already very perfect if you use the free option!

Number of Products to Promote in One Site

I was reading a post in a forum discussing about how many products you will be promoting in an affiliate site. In fact, I think it really depends.

It is totally alright for you to promote only one products in a site. However, you have to make sure that all the contents will be related to this products. Besides, you should also make sure that people will not feel confused when they compare your site with the official site.

If your affilaite site is niche specific, you may consider promoting 4 to 5 products in a site. Of course these products have to be similar. For example, you can promote 4 to 5 different kinds of weight loss pills in a weight loss site. This will be a good idea if you try to review and compare the products in your site.

Of course you can also consider promoting a lot of products in a site. Yet it will still be a good idea to promote products in the same niche. In this case, you may need to create your affiliate site such that it looks like an online shop!

My suggestion is that, you can choose the number of products you are going to sell. However, you will also need to consider how you create the affiliate site!

Focus on the Conversion Rate - Tweaking Your Affiliate Site

You may spend a lot of time in order to optimize your site for your search engine. In fact, you cannot really control the ranking of your site.

You are trying to optimize your site because you would like to make more money. It is very true that you will have a chance to make more money if you can get more traffic.

However, you should focus on the conversion rate. You may need to test how you should design the layout of your affiliate site. If you can increase the conversion rate by tweaking the design of the site, you will be able to make more money instantly.

As a result, before you spend your money and effort on the SEO of your site, be sure to test how you can increase the conversion rate of it.

In fact, I am also tweaking one of my affiliate site which promotes weight loss products. After I have made the changes. The number of unique clicks to the merchant site has increased a bit. So, I will continue test it until I can increase the conversion rate of it!

Article Marketing and Direct Traffic

I think most of you will know what article marketing is. You are writing some articles and submit them to article directories. There is a resource box in the article and you will put the URLs of your websites into it.

As a matter of fact, article marketing is a great way of boost link popularity. It can cerainly have some good effects on your off page SEO.

However, my opinion is that you should focus on the direct traffic from article submission rather than the SEO effects. Taking some articles I submit to for example. I find that on average one article will drive about 100 clicks to my sites. This is quite good. Imagine you have 1000 articles, you will get 10000 clicks.

This also tells the importance of submitting quality articles. Remember, only by submitting quality articles you will be able to enjoy the direct traffic.

A Firefox Add-On You Should Have For SEO

When link juice is concerned, the links can generally be categorized into two types. They are called dofollow and nofollow links.

An attribute can be added to the links. When "rel=nofollow" is used in the anchor text, the link will become nofollow.

When the link is nofollow, you will not be getting any link juice by linking from it. Dofollow links are just the opposite. You will get the link juice from these links.

As a result, if you would like to boost your PageRank or Link Popularity, you should go for dofollow links.

In fact, there is a Firefox add-on which can help you to spot the dofollow links. It is called "NoDoFollow". You can get this add-on from

So, be sure to install this add-on and use it with your Firefox. It will certianly help you to do your SEO work!

Learn a lesson

I am currently promoting LoveCentria from MoreNiche. In fact, it is a sex guide. There are not many affiliate programs in this niche.

As a matter of fact, I am promoting it along with some other sites which promote some penis extenders.

Today, I found that LoveCentria is not in the member area of MoreNiche. I have asked in the forum and the gentleman from MN told me that becuase there is not much such from the product manager. MN will advise me to focus on other products.

It is important that you do not put all the eggs in one basket. If all my sites are promoting one single product. I will lose all my affiliate income when something happens to the merchant or affiliate program. So, be sure to diversify your effort and try to promote products in a few different niches!

Ways To Make Money Online

I have read a post in a webmaster forum discussing about the best way to make money on the internet. In fact, I don't think there is something such as the best way when money making is concerned. The ways to make money will depend on your interest, skills, and of course perference.

Yet, it will still be interesting if we can list some of the ways to make money online here:

Affiliate Marketing: Needless to say, it is one of the ways and a lot of people are doing that.

Selling on Ebay: I assume everyone will know what is.

Selling Adv Spaces: You will need to develop a site with traffic before you can do that.

Selling Links: Another form of Adv space selling. A lot of people are selling and buying links on the web, Both for SEO and advertising.

Using Google Adsense: It is not the only system you can use. You may also use other networks such as Adbrite. Again, it is also a way of selling Adv space but you do not need to contact the advertisers yourself.

Selling Your Own Products: It is very common for people to create a script or E-book and sell it online.

Starting An Online Shop: You can also try to get something to sell. One of such products will be sex toys.

Wedding Affiliate Programs

I myself have some wedding sites. Of course I am already making some money with the PPC network. However, selling affiliate products will certainly help to make more money online.

As a result, I tried to search for some wedding related affiliate programs.

What I found is that there are not many wedding related affiliate programs in places such as Commission Junction. Yes there are a few wedding ebook you may promote on ClickBank but it will not suit since I want to sell tangible products.

There are individual online shops which are running their own affiliate programs but I want to stick to some big sites. And ShareASale is what I eventually joined. There are quite a number of merchants which are selling wedding related products or services.

If you are also working in the wedding niche, be sure to check ShareASale!

Yahoo! Index Penalty

I have a website which ranks quite well for a certain keyword in Google. But this is not the case in Yahoo! I have checked my website recently in Yahoo! and found that it is not even cached in Yahoo!

Of course I never did anything really black hat but I join some link building programs and it requires me to put some irrelevant links in my site. Of course I cannot be sure that I am penalized because of the outbound links. If this is the case, I will suspect that my site cannot pass a manual check by Yahoo!

I am still trying to find out the reason for the case. But as a little advice, if you are serious about the traffic in Yahoo! You need to pay extra attention to the contents of your site. If there are really manual checks, you will be caught easily!

Long Tail Keyword with Hittail

I have been talking about the idea of long tail keywords. However, you may be curious about how you can discover these long tail keywords.

In fact, there are various ways for you to discover these keywords. One of the way is to discover them from your own website.

You can do this with hittail. The idea behind is that the traffic from search engines to your website will be tracked. And you will know what people search to reach your website. This implies that the long tail keyword is already in your website and there are some real people who are trying to search for that.

As a result, you can try to optimize for that long tail so that you can capture more visitors to your website.

You can use the services of hittail for free. It can be adequate for most websites. However, if you want to have more detailed reports, you may probably need to go for the paid option.

You can learn more about hittail from the official website

Defining Your Targeted Keywords, and Targeted Audience

Many webmasters will try to optimize the websites themselves. This can be very good in a way that the webmasters should know their websites very well. No one knows that better then the webmasters.

However, some webmasters, especially for some newbies, may make a very serious mistake. They may have read thousands of $97 ebooks and learn a lot about SEO. However, sometimes they will just be too greedy. They do not try to optimize for the themes of the websites instead they try to optimize for some more general terms.

For example, if you have a website on WWII, you may probably try to optimize for"World War II History" instead of "History". I bet that most newbies will try to optimize for the latter, which is a) more difficult to get a good ranking and b) not targeted enough.

Taking the above example again, if you are optimizing for "World War II History", your targeted audience will be people who want to get more information on WWII. And they will get what they want when they visit your websites. However, if you optimize for "History", people who want information on Japanese History may also visit your website. Of course you may say that a unique visit is a unique visit and it can still be beneficial even if they are not searching for what you can provide.

This is right and wrong. It is true that a visit is a visit. However, since you put the effort for the general "History" in the above case the exact term "World War II History" may not be well optimize. And in this way you may indeed losing some visits to your website.

And the most imporatant thing is: When you are optimizing for the more exact terms, you are also optimizing for the more general term. And when time goes by, it can also find a place in the search results, for your more general term.
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