Learn a lesson

I am currently promoting LoveCentria from MoreNiche. In fact, it is a sex guide. There are not many affiliate programs in this niche.

As a matter of fact, I am promoting it along with some other sites which promote some penis extenders.

Today, I found that LoveCentria is not in the member area of MoreNiche. I have asked in the forum and the gentleman from MN told me that becuase there is not much such from the product manager. MN will advise me to focus on other products.

It is important that you do not put all the eggs in one basket. If all my sites are promoting one single product. I will lose all my affiliate income when something happens to the merchant or affiliate program. So, be sure to diversify your effort and try to promote products in a few different niches!

Ways To Make Money Online

I have read a post in a webmaster forum discussing about the best way to make money on the internet. In fact, I don't think there is something such as the best way when money making is concerned. The ways to make money will depend on your interest, skills, and of course perference.

Yet, it will still be interesting if we can list some of the ways to make money online here:

Affiliate Marketing: Needless to say, it is one of the ways and a lot of people are doing that.

Selling on Ebay: I assume everyone will know what Ebay.com is.

Selling Adv Spaces: You will need to develop a site with traffic before you can do that.

Selling Links: Another form of Adv space selling. A lot of people are selling and buying links on the web, Both for SEO and advertising.

Using Google Adsense: It is not the only system you can use. You may also use other networks such as Adbrite. Again, it is also a way of selling Adv space but you do not need to contact the advertisers yourself.

Selling Your Own Products: It is very common for people to create a script or E-book and sell it online.

Starting An Online Shop: You can also try to get something to sell. One of such products will be sex toys.

Wedding Affiliate Programs

I myself have some wedding sites. Of course I am already making some money with the PPC network. However, selling affiliate products will certainly help to make more money online.

As a result, I tried to search for some wedding related affiliate programs.

What I found is that there are not many wedding related affiliate programs in places such as Commission Junction. Yes there are a few wedding ebook you may promote on ClickBank but it will not suit since I want to sell tangible products.

There are individual online shops which are running their own affiliate programs but I want to stick to some big sites. And ShareASale is what I eventually joined. There are quite a number of merchants which are selling wedding related products or services.

If you are also working in the wedding niche, be sure to check ShareASale!
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