Focus on the Conversion Rate - Tweaking Your Affiliate Site

You may spend a lot of time in order to optimize your site for your search engine. In fact, you cannot really control the ranking of your site.

You are trying to optimize your site because you would like to make more money. It is very true that you will have a chance to make more money if you can get more traffic.

However, you should focus on the conversion rate. You may need to test how you should design the layout of your affiliate site. If you can increase the conversion rate by tweaking the design of the site, you will be able to make more money instantly.

As a result, before you spend your money and effort on the SEO of your site, be sure to test how you can increase the conversion rate of it.

In fact, I am also tweaking one of my affiliate site which promotes weight loss products. After I have made the changes. The number of unique clicks to the merchant site has increased a bit. So, I will continue test it until I can increase the conversion rate of it!


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