A Firefox Add-On You Should Have For SEO

When link juice is concerned, the links can generally be categorized into two types. They are called dofollow and nofollow links.

An attribute can be added to the links. When "rel=nofollow" is used in the anchor text, the link will become nofollow.

When the link is nofollow, you will not be getting any link juice by linking from it. Dofollow links are just the opposite. You will get the link juice from these links.

As a result, if you would like to boost your PageRank or Link Popularity, you should go for dofollow links.

In fact, there is a Firefox add-on which can help you to spot the dofollow links. It is called "NoDoFollow". You can get this add-on from


So, be sure to install this add-on and use it with your Firefox. It will certianly help you to do your SEO work!


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